Keeping the TikTok account safe has become a very challenging task. Due to the need to follow the policies of different countries, Tik Tok has recently started bringing strict rules to its platform.

Acting against any policy of the company may result in an account ban. Today we are talking about what kind of mistakes in Tik Tok can lead to account blocking.

Why is the Tiktok account blocked?

Before getting into what mistakes will get your account blocked, it is important to understand why Tik Tok bans your account. What kind of policy does Tiktok have, which makes it necessary to ban its own users?

TikTok is a platform where you can watch entertaining and creative content. The app has community guidelines, which oblige all users of the platform to follow its policies.

If a person repeatedly violates this policy, Tik Tok bans such users. In particular, to protect other users of this platform, the company removes users who violate the policy from its platform.

What causes the account to be banned?

TikTok bans users who upload inappropriate content on Tiktok first. TikTok is always monitoring what kind of content should not be placed on the platform.

In particular, if there is content that promotes threats, drugs, alcohol, nudity, or any kind of sexual content, Tik Tok bans such accounts. In the beginning, it is suggested not to upload such content, but when users start uploading such content on the platform again and again, Tik Tok is forced to ban it.

1) Sharing content that threatens public safety

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If you are using TikTok, please refrain from posting content that incites or promotes violence of any kind on the app. Uploading content that incites, instructs, or encourages other people to commit violence will result in a direct ban on your account. The company has clearly mentioned this in its community guidelines.

2) Having material that promotes sexual activity

Posting nudity or pornographic content that promotes sexual activity may also result in your account being banned. So stay away from such content to keep your Tiktok account safe.

3) Self-harming content

Tiktok may also ban your account if you upload content that tortures you. In particular, Tik Tok bans accounts that promote suicide or self-harm.

4) Sharing violent content or photos

If you have used such photos in your Tik Tok video, where there is violent activity or bloodshed, your account may be banned. Although Tiktok warns you in the beginning, if you upload such content for a long time, your account will be banned. Do not post photos or videos of accidents, photos, or videos of animals being bitten on Tiktok.

5) Content that promotes illegal activities

Your account will also be banned if you post content that promotes illegal activity. In particular, the account may be blocked if there is content that has killed, or caused physical harm, illegal transportation of wild animals, or similar acts against the law.

6) Blackmail

Please note that if you try to blackmail someone through content, your account may be banned. Not only that, you can also be punished by the law.

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TikTok bans the user’s account even if any person’s personal information, address, phone number, banking details, or other personal information is published through the video.

7) Keeping false information

If there is a situation where the wrong message is conveyed to society through the content posted on Tiktok, there is a wrong effect or the social reputation is damaged, there is a high possibility that the account will be banned.

Similarly, even if the buying and selling of likes, views, followers, etc. is going on in Tiktok, Tiktok bans such accounts.

Do the following to avoid an account ban on Tiktok;

  • Upload content that is suitable for users of all age groups.
  • Don’t post content that promotes illegal activities.
  • Do not misrepresent anything.
  • Do not share personal details without a person’s permission.
  • Be kind to other users and follow the Community Guidelines.

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