Halkara Actor Mahesh

Halkara’s famed actor Mahesh Tripathi seems to be 2080 years old. He has received an excellent response from the film which is currently playing in the theatres. From the same film, he also won the Best Actor award at international awards including Houston Fest in America.



There is new news about Tripathi. He has received an offer to act in a film in Italy. Director Alex Baseff and the producer have offered Mahesh for this social drama film which is going to be shot in India and Europe. Tripathi informed Onlinekhabar that he was offered one of the leading roles in the film.

According to the proposal of the producer, he has sent his CV with his personal introduction, and document with the film catalog to Italy. “They have known me from the international festival and approached me,” he said, “They have said that the major character is the role.”
Although the commercial aspect of Halkara, which is currently running in the halls, is weak, it seems that Mahesh has benefited as an actor. He has received positive reviews from it. In the upcoming project, he is thinking of balancing the films from both sides rather than purely arthouse and purely commercial films.

Mahesh starrer ‘Prasad 2’ and ‘Chapli Height 3’ have been screened.

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