How To Use InDriver Application In Nepal 2022 & What Is InDriver?

inDriver in Nepal
Indriver in Nepal

InDriver, where the passenger can decide the fare by himself, has entered Nepal, the rider does not have to pay a commission.

The ride sharing company InDriver has officially started its service in Nepal as well. InDriver has launched its service from Kathmandu.
Through InDriver’s Real Time Deals (RTD) model, passengers can set fares for their chosen routes and receive counter offers directly from nearby drivers.

On the other hand, drivers can choose which fare is suitable for them and accept the ride. Claiming that it is different from other ride sharing apps that determine the price by algorithm, InDriver said that it provides the facility to determine the price of the ride independently for the passengers and the driver. Issuing a statement, the company said that its service has started in Kathmandu.

Currently we are providing our service in Kathmandu valley and soon we will provide it in other main cities of Nepal as well.

At least during the first 6 months of service operation, InDriver will not take any commission from the driver, said Pavit Nanda, South Asia Public Relations Manager of InDriver.

This application is available on Android and iOs. International company InDriver is currently providing its services in 600 cities of 42 countries around the world, it is mentioned in the statement.

Indriver in Nepal

What is indriver ?

InDriver, over 100 million users worldwide have downloaded Gary’s app for international ride-hailing services, travel bikes, car freight to Nepal. In 2021, she begins to tour the country for the first time, traveling with a driver in a row.

Unlike other ride-hailing apps, where algorithms automatically set prices, InDriver requires a unique model to request authorization requests from the driver or drivers. Driver selection based on fare charges, advance fare for passengers, estimated time of arrival and train model of the house. Instead, the app automatically tags passengers and connects them with the most appropriate way to buy, accept or decline.

How To Use InDriver In Nepal ?

To book a ride application, the passenger has to enter the select-up and drop-off points including the estimated fare offered for the journey. Drivers who register in the system to accept this request, ignore or immediately notify the true fare offer. inDriver’s RTD model allows drivers and passengers to rent directly. For example, within the app, a passenger has to pay Rs 121 for a journey from Lagankhel Bus Park to New Road Kathmandu. We can do more or less money in this.

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