In accordance with the policy of home delivery of the service flow of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, an integrated digital governance system KMC Mobile app has been launched to improve the service flow.


KMC app AbbH26i3Iq

Metropolitan Chief Balendra Shah (Balen) said that through this app, service users can take services of the metropolis online from anywhere. Sharing a post on Facebook, he informed that through the app, customers can apply for more than 30 types of recommendations as well as pay revenue online.
In addition, you can make an appointment to meet with the mayor, talk to the chatbot for your various queries, read various information and news about the metropolis, and also view the digital citizen’s charter with departmental work details.
Similarly, information about the mayor, public complaints, smart tax, tourist spots, emergency services such as blood, ambulance, fire brigade and support for natural disasters, a list of public toilets, etc. has also been provided.
Balen said that apart from the recommendation service that is currently available on the app, for the recommendations to be made in the office, the service recipient should be present in the office.
Payment gateways such as eSeva, Khalti IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, etc. are integrated into this app to pay various taxes like property tax, land and property tax, and business tax online.
Currently, this app is only available for Android phones.


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