Ride sharing service Pathao has launched ‘Pathao Kavach’ campaign. According to the company, customers, riders, captains and foodmen who use the Pathao service will get various facilities.

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According to Pathao Nepal spokesperson Suraksha Hamal, every trip is protected by insurance, there are trained and certified riders, 24-hour call center and customer support service, there is an option to contact the emergency police within the app, and every ride is tracked in the system, and ride information can be shared with relatives or friends on social media. There is a facility.
In this campaign, facility of medical insurance up to 1 lakh and accident insurance up to 10 lakh is available for every trip, which is the highest amount of ride sharing insurance in Nepal so far, Hamal said.

He says that all the rides are trained, certified and reliable as the rides provide service only after document verification and training in Pathao.

She also said that if there is any problem while using the service of Pathao, one can contact the call center 24 hours a day and make a complaint.

Similarly, in case of an emergency while using Pathao, there is an option to contact the police within the Pathao app.

Every ride of Pathao has a track in its system, due to which all the details of which ride is going where are available live on the app. Also, you can share the ride information with your relatives or friends on social media and get live information about the destination you are reaching,” she said.

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This campaign brought with the slogan of ‘safe journey’s reliable companion’ is aimed at riders, foodmen, captains and all service users who provide service at the forefront of the expedition.

According to Hamal, the service users will not get any facilities if they take an offline ride and the journey will not be safe and secure.

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