Online learning platform Midas e-Class is going to refund money to students if they cannot teach. The company is going to refund the money of the students who did not learn anything even after studying in the ‘Personalized Tuition Class’ on its platform.

Midas Learning App

Midas Learning App

Midas E-Class is conducting personalized tuition classes targeting students who are less willing to study, shy to ask the teacher what they don’t understand and weaker than average. Before enrolling in this class, the company identifies where the students are weak, and how much the student has the ability to learn.

After that, the company prepares and teaches a ‘personalized lesson plan’ based on the student’s weaknesses and ability to learn. Under this class, online classes are given six days a week at the rate of two hours per day. Chhatrahari Karki, the owner of the company, said that if the students could not learn even after teaching in that way, the money would be returned.
According to him, students from LKG to class 10 are given such a class. He also said that in this class, teaching will be done in a different way than usual. Also, since they have been teaching online for a long time, students participating in this class will have a high chance of learning. For that reason, taking it as a challenge, he mentioned that such a plan was introduced. Although all the subjects in the school are taught in this class, only two subjects are taught to a student at a time. Similarly, parents get their children’s progress report weekly. So that the parents can see what is happening from the Midas app.

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