TikTok can now save videos without a Watermark
TikTok can now save videos without a Watermark

TikTok, a platform for sharing videos, is going to release a feature that lets you save videos without watermarks. It was recently disclosed by social media analyst Matt Navra on X that Tiktok is planning to roll out a feature similar to this.

Up until now, a watermark displaying the username of the creator has been visible when downloading any video from TikTok. Users can upload videos to any platform once they have the ability to download them without a watermark. It is also not necessary to depend on outside programs in order to download videos without watermarks.

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Analyst Navarra claims that TikTok will soon introduce a feature that will allow users to edit captions. It used to be necessary to remove and reupload the video if there was a problem with the caption. The caption can now be easily edited by the user.

Similarly, auto-scrolling is about to come to Tiktok. According to reports, the scrolling feature that Tiktok has been testing for the past few months will soon be accessible.

The company claims that once this feature is available, the user won’t have to keep using his finger to scroll through new videos. To like, comment, repost, or share something, just touch the screen. As per the company’s announcement, this feature will sequentially remove photos if they show up on ‘For Your Page’ in place of videos.

When watching a video on TikTok with auto scroll enabled, if you hold the phone in your hand and turn it upside down, it will switch to “manual scroll.”

This feature is restricted to a select few users as it is presently undergoing testing. Users of Tik-Tok have recently requested this feature the most. If your account already has this feature, all you need to do is activate voice control by going to Tiktok’s settings. Additionally, you can select which command causes the video to scroll. The video will therefore begin to scroll automatically as soon as you enable the auto-scroll feature.

YouTube began testing the auto-play feature earlier in 2014. It’s anticipated that YouTube, which recently added the ability to upload brief videos in the form of shorts, will follow suit.

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