10,000 rupees tax will be levied on iPhones and mobile phones imported from abroad and above 100,000 rupees.

The government has brought a tax of 3000 on other smartphones and 200 on mobile phones other than smartphones.
Users of mobile phones that are in use until 15th June 2080 but are not registered in the Mobile Device Management System (MDMIS) system implemented by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority will have to pay this tax for a lump-sum fee by mentioning the IMEI number of the phone set.

Iphone 15
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Ten thousand per set for iPhone and more than one lakh, three thousand per set for other smartphones and two hundred per phone set for ordinary mobile phones other than smart mobile phone sets will be charged”, it is said in the Economic Bill 2080. However, if a citizen who returned from working abroad for more than six months with a work permit submits proof of the same, one mobile phone will be registered by the Telecommunications Authority free of charge if used by such a person.

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Similarly, the government has imposed a one percent service charge on those who go for foreign employment.”A person who has received a license to operate a foreign employment business will have to pay a foreign employment service fee at a rate of one percent from the amount collected from the person going to foreign employment. It is said in the financial bill.
It is mentioned in the financial bill that such an amount will be spent for the benefit of the person going for foreign employment. Such service fee should be deposited in the revenue account by the foreign employment professional within the 25th of every month and the details of the same should be sent to the relevant revenue office. It is mentioned in the economic bill that if such a fee is not filed, interest will be levied at the rate of 15 percent.

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